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Shade Sails

Shade sails create basic outdoor shade based. Shade sails use a flexible membrane tensioned between several anchor points and generally installed permanently. They are usually installed above public gathering places such as seating areas and playgrounds. It's recommended shade sails installations in places like Miami where strong sun radiation makes prolonged stays in the open sun unpleasant or dangerous due to sunburn and skin cancer risk. Shade sails like patio awnings are suitable for outdoor meetings, parties and barbecues.

Modern custom shade sails vary in shape, size and color and there is trend towards installing multiple sails, sometimes overlapping, thereby adding some form and style to its function. Shade sails are tensioned usually by means of either a stainless steel turnbuckle or a pulley system fixed at each corner of the sail.

Custom Commercial Shade Sails


  •  Commercial shade sails provide a cool, shaded area in playground areas.

  •  Shade sails offer high protection from harmful UV rays produced by the sun.

  •  Residential shade sails create a pleasant and cool outdoor picnic or dining area.

  •  Shade sails are available in a wide range of colors including vibrant and light colors.

  •  Constructed from a knitted fabric which has tiny mesh holes allowing airflow through the fabric.

  •  Shade sails are available in different shapes and sizes to suit your preference.

  •  Commercial shade sails create an attractive shelter which can be used for large events keeping the visitors sheltered and shaded.

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