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Awning Maintenance

The awning fabric maintenance will typically consist of a thorough cleansing once per year and a light monthly refresh. If your awning is in an area that is prone to stains and dirt, additional maintenance may be necessary to help prolong the lifespan of your awning fabric. While both retractable awnings and fixed awnings will require some maintenance, retractable awnings present the added possibility of mechanical maintenance. Retractable awnings have moving parts, so occasional repairs are likely.

Awning cleaning


  •  Brushing off dirt and other surface stains.

  •  Apply the cleaning solution carefully on the fabric with a spray bottle without damaging the fabric.

  •  Clean fabric with a gentle soft-bristled brush.

  •  Rinse thoroughly until all the cleaning solution residue is completely removed.

  •  Apply guard fabric solution to protect the fabric.

  •  Repeat the process every six months to prolong the fabric lifetime.

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