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Awning Types

There are so many awning types, they can literally cast a shadow anywhere on your home or business. So most often they’re installed over windows, doorways and open areas to prevent the harmful sun rays exposure and rain.

Awnings are available in varying shapes and styles, and they can come in any pattern, color, or size, so take your time in selecting a model that best fits your exterior. But the next step is choosing a particular design. Here are a few basic awning types:

Metal awning

Fixed Awnings

Permanently installed on business or home’s exterior. They're certainly sturdy and stable. Canvas awnings can be found over doors, windows, etc.


Freestanding Awnings

Are popular in open spaces, and their extra sturdy construction means they can cover large spaces like restaurants, poolside areas and lawns.

Retractable Awnings

Probably the most popular model, these awnings can be rolled or folded up when not in use. Therefore they provide the sturdiness of a stationary unit without the threat of wind damage or water buildup during inclement weather.


Motorized Awnings

Use an electric mechanism to roll the fabric and can even be operated by remote to keep you out of the rain. They’re also available with sensors that monitor the weather, activating the unit when it’s sunny and retracting it when the wind picks up. Always make sure the unit has an automatic override so if the motor breaks you can still hand crank it. 

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