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Take advantage of the outdoors by installing a high-quality and esthetically pleasing awning.
An awning is a type of overhang that provides secondary covering over an outdoor space such as
a window, deck, or front door. Awnings help to provide cover against elements of weather such as sun rays and dust among others.

At Awning Florida, we take pride in providing these canvases in different styles sizes, patterns, and colors.
We understand that our customers have different preferences and that’s why a selection is quite broad.
If you are located in Miami and you are looking for an awning supplier with premium and cost-effective awnings,
here are some of the common types of products we offer.

Canvas awning

Canvas Awnings

Canvas awnings can be found over doors and windows. They're certainly sturdy and stable. more

Fixed awning

Fixed Awnings

Are popular in open spaces, and their extra sturdy construction means they can cover large spaces. more

Retractable awnings

Retractable Awnings

Most popular model, these awnings can be rolled or folded up when not in use. more

Freestanding awning

Freestanding Awnings

Used to provide shade and protection for an outdoor area. Designated to fit any space. more

Metal Canopy

Metal Canopy

Modern and useful awnings with overhead braces. Suitable for commercial and residential use. more

Carport awning

Carport Awnings

Keep your car far away from the elements, whether the harmful summer rays, dust or rain. more

Awning Types

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