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Awning Types


There are so many awning types, they can provide shade anywhere in your home or business. Most often they’re installed over windows, doorways and open areas to prevent the harmful sun rays exposure and rain.

The awnings can be manufactured in any size or shape. Take your time to select the model that best suits your exterior. There are many types of awnings based on functionality. The most common options include:


They are also known as stationary awnings. Stationary awnings allow you to quickly turn any outdoor space into a beautiful covered and protected oasis. They are designed to offer constant protection and can be customized to fit your specific user needs.

Stationary awnings are ideal for use in areas around the patio and deck. They can be used all year-round regardless of the season including summer and winter. It’s worth noting that these awnings can withstand extreme weather conditions all year round.

Fixed awnings are usually versatile and that’s why they can be used alongside roll drops and solar shades. As a result, they make perfect additions for commercial and residential applications. Their design feature makes it possible to mount them on uneven surfaces.

Time-tested benefits of fixed awnings include the stability and guaranteed comfort they provide all year round. You don’t have to worry about fixing and reinstalling your awning. You and your valuables will always be protected against different elements of weather.

Besides that, you can always integrate it with your property to provide cooling and heating benefits based on the season. If you effectively install your fixed awning, they can also increase your home’s or property’s curb appeal.


They are usually large permanent or semi-permanent awnings that are installed to provide shade and protection against elements of weather. They are normally used in patios, decks, or any other outdoor space at home or work.

Free-standing awnings are popular because they are the most durable compared to other pop-up tents and makeshift canopies. Besides that, they are more attractive and functional than the usual traditional screened spaces.

These types of awnings allow you to effectively create shaded spaces that offer protection against elements of weather such as hail, rain, sun rays, and snow among others. Free-standing awnings are easy to assemble and install and this adds to their flexible nature.


They are the most popular due to their versatile nature. A retractable awning is an adjustable type of outdoor extension that normally provides shade and comfort. They are directly mounted to a house or building when needed and then dismantled when not in use.

The popular outdoor additions are known to provide homes with the “finished look”. This is because they normally give properties that “upscale” vibe, especially when you are looking for a space to relax or for entertainment.

A retractable awning can be manually set up or operated manually. Alternatively, there are those that are normally operated with the use of a motor. This means that you can trigger them via a hand crank or simply a remote control/sensor.

We can divide retractable awnings into sub-categories:

Motorized Awnings

They are designed with telescopic arms that pull the awning inside or push it out effectively. Motorized awnings are usually operated with the use of a push-button. Note that the button helps to trigger the motor which then spins quietly as it works to either extend or retract the awning.

Motorized awnings are quite popular due to the fact that they operate efficiently and quietly. Getting such a product guarantees you discreetness since your guests or neighbors won’t tell when you are pushing the operating button.

We offer high-quality motorized retractable awnings in Miami. Our products are easy to use and provide users with the much–needed convenience. They are ideal for temporary and lasting use i.e. when you are planning to host a few friends outdoor or when you need a lasting space for your patio.

Sensor-Triggered Awnings

They are types of retractable awnings that can be programmed in order to provide cover in different weather conditions. Besides that, they can also be programmed to retract based on the same conditions. For instance, the sensor can be triggered when it’s sunny or rainy so that the awning can extend. Besides that, it can be triggered to retract when it gets windy.


It’s a portable awning that can be moved and disassembled at any time. They provide temporary shades and you need to connect them to existing structures. For instance, you can install a shade canopy over your swimming pool to protect you against intense sun rays. Understand that canopies are also free-standing since they provide shade or cover over an area that’s separated from the main building.


They are normally attached with free-standing carports for residential and commercial use. These types of awnings are effective in protecting your vehicle against the elements of weather, especially during the hot summer days, rain, dust, and snow.

This protective cover isn’t usually fully enclosed but it might have walls or some structures on the sides. Carports are generally versatile since they can be used as an outdoor porch for relaxing and entertainment purposes. This is because the shading structure can be perched over terraces and patios.

While they are specifically designed to provide cover to vehicles, they can also be used to offer a protective canopy over motorcycles, trailers, and boats in addition to other modes of transportation. You can find carports in different materials and design features since they can be customized to meet different user needs.

Most of them are available in the form of sail fabric, canvas, and aluminum. Most people usually want customized carports that complement already existing structures.

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