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Residential Awning Canopy


The awning canopy is often large and is anchored to a building or house or it can be a free-standing shade structure. It is usually composed of a structure with one or more columns with a covering fabric, which is used to provide shade and protection of the elements for an outdoor area. The cover fabric are made of a durable fabric, hung in a metal frame and between the support posts. Canopies tend to be larger than awnings, which make them more suitable for outdoor meetings, parties and barbecues.


Fabric canopies reduce temperatures inside and outside.
Canopy awnings are designed to fit most any space.
Patio canopies allow more time for outdoor entertainment.
Canopies add beauty and value to your property market value.
Patio canopy protects your home from the sun's UV rays and rain.
Residential canopy adds style and functionality to any backyard space.

Commercial Awning Canopy